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Checks settings

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    Like the ini file the checks.tps file contains settings stored by the application itself or which can be added or modified by a support technician.

    The table below lists some of these settings and their function.


    Section Header Entry Function
    Comms ConnectedTo3gRouter-(serialno) This forces TNA / CS Time to use the Router IP address on the whoami server & not the GPRS IP.


    DontSendSirensToClock+<wbr>ClockNumber = 1</wbr> Blocks sending siren times to a specific clock e.g. DontSendSirensToClock5 = 1 will not send sirens to clock number 5.
    Comms MaxCheckOfflineIPInterval=x Applicable to ZK only. Sets a ping interval to check if a clock is online or offline (60000 = 10min)





    Dat file clocking type number correspondence (When using option 3)

    0 = Use shift to determine direction
    1 = Always set to In 
    2 = Always set to Out
    3 = Use checktype in import to set direction
    0 = Check-In (default value)
    1 = Check-Out
    2 = Break-Out
    3 = Break-In
    4 = OT-In
    5 = OT-Out
    255 = CheckOut
    Comms zkRemoveClockingsOlderThanDays = x Applicable to ZK only. Set thenumber of days to keep on the clock by only removing the clockings older the 'x' days.
    Comms zkDuplicateClockingThreshold Applicable to ZK only.
    Comms CollectFromAllClocksAtOnce=x Applicable to ZK only. Sets whether comms should collect for one clock at a time or all clocks simultaneously.
    Comms DisableRealTimeFPSync=x This distributes employee fingerprints in real time
    Comms SuppressLumidigm=x Hides the ability to change the reader type under device details between FUTRONIC & LUMIDIGM


    This suppresses the WSU command when the comms starts up

    Comms SuppressSyncOtherDev = x When set to 1, this suppresses the peers list being sent down to the device

    OneSwipeFollowedDevice_(DeviceNumber) = x

    OneSwipeFollowedClassification_(DeviceNumber) = Classification i.e. Company, Branch etc

    One swipe Group clocking by classification. 

    x is the device number. If one employee in the selected classification swipes on this device, it will create a clocking for all the other employees in the same classification.

    Comms zkAllowEmployeesToBeAddedFromClock = 1 From Eco Time ZK Comms does not add employees from the clock to Eco Time. Use this setting to enable the import of employees from the clock.


    Logs on automatically with the password that was saved

    FM3MSS GoInDeep=x Forces a file structure comparison on a SQL backend (to ensure that the file structure matches that declared in the EXE).


    Saves the password entered the first time you logged in to CS Time



    Not needed at this stage. (Default is on if setting is not there.)



    This allows you to turn off the Swipe report server.
    (Default is on if setting is not there.)



    This allows you to turn off the Scheduled report server. (Default is on if setting is not there.)

    Server ActivateWebServer=x Allows the web server to be disabled, so that the Old Web Reports server can run.  (Default is on if setting is not there.)


    Force complete Sync of the web logins to those set in the employees file when a supervisor logs in to the web.  (Default is on if setting is not there.)


    This allows you to specify how many reports can be run by the report scheduler simultaneously, otherwise reports will be queued to run sequentially (if set to say for example 1).



    Option to auto start audit log browse after bulk add daily overtime.



    Option to auto start audit log browse after bulk add payroll overtime.
    CSTime ExcludeNextCyclesLeave=x Excludes leave applied for in the future (Does not apply when using Advanced leave cycles)
    Server ShowScheduledReportsManager=x This shows the reports manager - for info purposes only.
    Server OnlyOneReportAtATime=x Must always be set to one - for the web interface.
    Comms ForceSendCard=x Enables whether or not to send the card details on a clock when changing an employee's details.
    User CSTimeClockDefaultReaderRequired=x

    1 = FP required

    2 = FP preferred

    3 = Any FP

    4 = Pin/Prox/FP

    5 = Prox/FP no pin

    User CSTimeClockDefaultFPSecurityLevel=x

    0 = Low

    1 = Normal

    2 = High

    3 = Highest 

    Import EmpIDType=x
    0 - use normal employee number
    1 - use  employee payroll number
    2 - use  Impro number

    EmpPayrollNumberClassification = classification type

    Device_x = classification code

    Where you are importing leave records for a company that has duplicate payroll numbers for employees (e.g. two or more branches). The EmpIDType must be set to use payroll number. Set the classificationtype to the classification that us used to the discern the employees e.g. branch (the branch code must be included in the import file). x is the device code (i.e. the code of the text import device in the clock setup). Specify the classification code the import device must import. 

    Example the below will set the text import device (code 8) to import employees in branch 11:

    EmpPayrollNumberClassification = branch

    Device_8 = 11

    LeaveImport OverrideImportLeaveDays = x
    OverrideImportSickDays = x
    The value of the imported days will be overridden with with the value of x. If the entries do not exist or are blank, the imported values for sick and normal leave days will be used (as per normal).
    Import EmpIDType=x EmpIDType = 0 will match import records according to EMP:EmpNumber.
    EmpIDType = 1 will match import records according to EMP:PayNumber.
    EmpIDType = 2 will match import records according to EMP:ExternalEmpNumber.
    Web hideresetloginpassword=1 Web user cannot reset their web password.
    Web SuppressLeaveTypes

    Let:TYPECODE = 1


    2 = 1
    would suppress leavetype code 2




    Overrides the roster planner column width and row height in the web interface. Default width is 75 and height is 52.





    Overrides the leave planner column width and row height in the web interface. Default width is 75 and height is 52.


    Web ShowPaynumbers=1 Includes the paynumbers in the clockings and hours views.
    Mobile WebServerPort Default = 88
    Mobile LogoutAfterClocking=1 Logs the employee out after a successful clocking. Used for CSMobileWeb.


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