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Data Files

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    1. 1. Technical

    This information is for the use of Technical Support staff only. Only qualified support staff should initiate the removal of ANY data file.

    Not all the files contain irreparable information. Some of the files are reconstructed by the software as required. 


    Applicable version:



    The following files can be deleted with no noticeable side effects:

    Messages.Tps - Used to communicate between the modules

    Details.Tps - Used to store processing INFO for viewing

    Cfg.Tps - The backup directories are lost, but can be reentered on the next backup

    AuditLog.Tps - The Audit Trail, if there is one, is lost

    Dates.Tps - This may affect some reports, however to reconstruct simply process 1 employee  from the beginning to the current day.

    Errors.Tps  - All existing Errors will be lost, but will be regenerated at the end of the week. To regenerate immediately simply bulk reprocess the current period.

    EventLog.Tps - Internal file which contains system tracking information.

    Running.Tps - Currently not used at all

    The following files can, in some cases, be easily reconstructed:

    Classification.Tps - Holds all the Company, Branch, Department, Workgroup, Scale, Type, Category and Cost Center descriptions.

    Criteria.Tps - Holds all the Employee Group descriptions.

    Holiday.Tps - Contains all the public holidays.

    LeaveType.Tps - Contains the various leave types.

    Limits.Tps - Contains the specs for the Working Hours Limits.

    Schedule.Tps - Contains the list of reports which are printed automatically

    The following files can be reconstructed by reprocessing all the clockings from the start of the system. Note this is not recommended because of the time required, but it can be done.


    If Access Control is NOT being used then the following files can be deleted:


    If HR is NOT being used then the following files can be deleted:



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