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Network Ports used by CS Time

    Applicable version: 3.00 and later

    Ports ranges used by CS Time

    17850 - 17854 (UDP)
    17855 - 17859 (TCP)


    This range can be overridden. The first part of the equation is knowing the maximum number of instances. This defaults to 4, but can be overriden in the checks.tps under the CS Time heading, for example:


    Next you can override the starting port of the Server module. This defaults to 17850.  This can be overridden in the INI file:

    NetAutoPort = 18000

    Using the above exmples, the port range would now change to:

    18000 - 18005 (UDP)
    18006 - 18011 (TCP)

    Ports used by CS Time Comms

    10931 (TCP) only on localhost

    Web Server Port/ Real Time Attendance Port/ EMail Server Ports

    As configured in the Config Module

    Hardware Ports

    Actatek clocks:  80

    CS TimeClocks:  5123 & 5124

    HandPunch:  3001

    Hanvon: 9922

    ZK: 4370

    Permalink:  http://tinyurl.com/n3bfqjr

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