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    1. 1. View Devices 

    Devices are the physical Clocking hardware that is used by the system. A system can be small and consist of a single computer that is connected to a clock or it can be a large system that uses multiple clocks that can be positioned over a large area and also over great distances. 

    View Devices 

    To view the Device Setup, proceed as follows:

    1. Select the Clocks option from the Setup / Clocks drop-down menu or select the Edit Clocks toolbar icon. The Browse Hardware window will be displayed.


    The options available from this window include:

    1. Device List. This is a graphical representation of all clocks and controllers that are connected to the system and provides an identification icon, the Clock or Controller identification number and Description.
    2. Add Device button. This button is used to define and add a new clock to the list.
    3. Change button. This button is used to change the settings of a selected clock in the list.
    4. Remove button. This button is used to remove a selected clock from the list.
    5. Commands.  The following commands can be performed on a selected Device (Clock) in the list:
    1. Collect.  This option will force the clocking information of the selected clock to be downloaded to the computer.
    2. Send Cards. This button is used to set all the clocking cards for the selected clock to be In or Out.
    3. Set Date & Time. This button is used to view and if required to set the time and date of the selected clock.
    4. Reset Clock.  Selecting this option will send a reset command to the selected clock.
    5. Connect.  This option is not functional.
    6. Synchronise Time.  When selected all devices will be set to the same time and date as that of the computer’s.
    1. Setup. The following hardware Setup options are available:
    1. Sirens. Siren Sets are made up of a group of times when a siren is to be activated and for how long the siren is to sound. The number of different times in a day the sirens can be activated is dependent on the type of clock that is used.
    2. Sequences. The Function Keys setup option enables you to define a set of sequences that are to be performed at a clock that will then be interpreted by the system as a specific operation having taken place. The settings here are only for the use of Cape Clocks and Controllers.
    3. Messages. The type of Clocks used will determine if this option can be used or not. The settings here are only for the use of Cape Clocks and Controllers. Using this option, you can customise the messages that can be displayed on the LCD’s of the units.
    4. Modems. In some sites it is necessary to use modems to connect the remote clocks to the computer system. This option is used to select and define the type of modem to be used and also the modem sets to be used for dialling and communication.
    1. Close button. Used to close the window.


    Depending on your setup, your hardware list view might differ from the image above. The below image is a representation of a clock which is connected to a controller.




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