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Leave Accruement

    CS Time includes a feature called Leave Accruement. This feature enables you to define rules on how employees are to earn leave and the system will then automatically calculate an employee’s leave using this rule and the employee’s attendance times.

    For example, you can define different rules for earning a Leave Type that can then be assigned to an employee depending on his position or seniorority within the company.

    Leave can be defined so that either Days or Hours are earned only when a defined number of Days, weeks, months or years have been reached. A number of days can also be assigned at the beginning of a cycle (i.e. Sick Leave). You are also able to define a condition that an employee must complete a number of shifts before leave is earned. 

    Defining Leave Accruement Rules

    To define Leave Scales (Accruement Rules) for earning leave, proceed as follows:

    1. In the Configuration module, select the Leave Scales option from the toolbar Setup / Leave dropdown menu and the Browse Leave Scales window will be displayed.


    1.  To create a Leave Scale, select the Add button and the Update Leave Scale window will be displayed.


    1.  Select the General settings option.
    2. Define the fields for the Leave Scale to be added and used for employee leave accruement. In the example above, we will create the leave scale where an employee earns 1.66 days of Annual Leave after each month worked.

    The fields used are:

    1. Code:  This is the code that will be used to identify this particular leave scale.
    2. Description. This is a short description used to identify the particular leave scale.
    3. Employee Earns. This option is use to define the number of Days or Hours the employee is to earn for this rule. 
    4. After. This option is used to define the period after which the employee that the Earned amount is to be allocated to an employee. 
    5. If. This option is used to define a condition that must first be met by the employee can be allocated the leave type. 
    1. Select the Advanced settings option to define the Foreground and Background colors that are to be used to identify the particular Leave Scale.
    2. Select the Ok button to save this scale and to add it to the list.
    3. Select Close to close the Browse Leave Scales window once all the required Leave Scales have been defined.



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