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Bulk Change Starting Day

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    This option enables you to change the Starting Day for one or more Payroll Shifts.


    To view the Change Start Day window, proceed as follows:

    1. Select the Payroll Shift Start Day option from the Setup / Shifts / Bulk Shift Changes dropdown menu. The Change Start Day window will be displayed.

    Change Payroll Day.png

        The options available from this window are:

    1. Payroll Shifts List. This is a list of all available Payroll Shifts and provides the Code and Description of the shift and also the day of the week when the shift starts.
    2. Change Starting Day to. This is a dropdown selection box and is used to select the new weekly day on which the shift is to start.
    3. Change button. Used to change the starting day of the Payroll Shift that has been selected.
    4. Change All button. If selected, will change all the listed shifts to start on the newly selected starting day.


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