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Installing CS Time TPS

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    1. 1. The Install Wizard

    The CS Time version most commonly installed is the TopSpeed version.  In this case CS Time makes use of a flat-file database called TopSpeed. The database files are installed with the application and require no additional setup.

    If you are going to be using CS Time with Impro, please read the Impro & CS Time document first.




    Download the CS Time TopSpeed version and save it in an easy accessible folder on your computer. When the download is complete, open and run the file. 

    The Install Wizard

    1. An install wizard will open to guide you through the installation:


    Installing - 6.png


    1. Select your location on the next screen.


    Installing - 7.png


    1. Select the Install Type.


    Installing - 8.png


    The Simple Install Type is used for single-machine or Server installations. This installs the CS Time application, the default CS Time data and also creates a shortcut to the CS Time Server Module which is used to collect clockings and process hours in real time. 


    The Advanced Install Type is used for installing on workstations / client computers. Click on Next to select the installation paths.


    1. The CS Time application installation path should be set to C:\CS Time Programs\CS Time. You may also select a different path to install CS Time to. 

    Installing - 9.png


    1. Click on Next to select the location of the data. The CS Time data is to be installed in C:\CS Time Programs\CS Time\Data.


    Installing - 10.png


    1. Click on Next to view a summary of the installation details.


    Installing - 11.png


    1. Click on Next to start the installation:


    Installing - 12.png


    1. Click on Finish to complete the installation.


    Installing - 13.png


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