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2. Registering Your Software


    One of the first things you will need to do after installing CS Time is to register it. This will allow you access to CS Time's features.  To complete the registration you will require an Activation xml file that is supplied by your CS Time supplier or can be obtained via the internet. 

    Activating via the Internet

    1. Open the User/Configuration Module and then select the Product Registration option from the Security dropdown menu.
    2. Select the Web Tab in the left panel.




    1. Fill in the following information as to how you wish the product to be registered. The required fields are:
    • Company 
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email
    • Phone
    1. Click on the Get Activation Code button.
    2. If you have successfully connected to the Product Activation Server, you will see a 16 digit code in the Activation Code field.
    3. A window will then be displayed confirming that the registration was successful.


    Please note: 

    • Initial codes obtained from the internet are normally temporary codes and are only active for approximately 30 days.
    • Once you have purchased a valid license, you will be able to request this code via the internet again.
    • You are no longer able to specify the number of copies, level, modules and counters before requesting an activation code via the internet. This is now activated as per your purchase on the Product Activation Server.


    Using Supplied Information

    1. In the User/Configuration Module select the Product Registration option from the Tools dropdown menu.
    2. Select the File/Email Tab in the left panel.



    1. If you have been emailed an activation code in an email as an attached xml file (e.g. yourcompanyname.xml), you can either drag the attachment and drop it in the block provided or save the attachment and upload it by clicking the Select File button and selecting the file.
    2. A window will be displayed confirming that the registration was successful.


    Viewing your Current License Details

    1. In the User/Configuration Module select the Product Registration option from the Tools dropdown menu.
    2. Select the Current License Details Tab in the left panel.




    Please Note: If you are unable to register the product after several attempts then contact your application supplier for assistance.


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