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ZK Terminals

    CS Time can accommodate various types of ZK terminals by communicating directly with each variation of reader type.




    Features Currently Supported

    • Setting the time & date
    • Wipe the device (Deletes all data but keeps the configurations settings)
    • Set device fingerprint template algorithm
    • Disabling an employee on the device through termination
    • Fingerprint distribution on the fly (Requires first clocking)
    • Set an employee’s administration level
    • Collecting transactions / clockings
    • Download & upload employee fingerprints from & to clock
    • Download & upload employee RFID cards from & to clock
    • Download & upload employee passwords from & to clock
    • Enrolling all 10 fingers on both fingerprint algorithms
    • Importing clockings / transactions via USB drive
    • Manage data flow (clockings, employees & fingerpritns) through TCP/IP
    • Duplicate clockings are dealt with in the form of INFO clockings & do not affect payroll
    • Clocking direction can be set as IN / OUT / Toggle or Get the direction from the clock
    • RFID card management (Card to be added in CS Time)


    Devices Currently Supported

    • B&W screen fingerprint units (v9 & v10 fingerprint algorithm)
    • Color TFT screen fingerprint units (v9 & v10 fingerprint algorithm)


    CS Time Setup for ZK Terminals

    Comms Types

    There are three variations of “Comms Types”, which need to be set when configuring CS Time to communicate with a ZK reader. These include the following:

    • Black & White Screens
    • Colour TFT Screens
    • iFace Clocks


    Fingerprint Algorithms

    Furthermore there are also two variations of the fingerprint algorithms. These have the following possible combinations & have to be set for each particular device (fingerprint readers only) as well:

    • Version 9 algorithm
    • Version 10 algorithm


    In order for one to establish whether a reader is FP = v9 or v10, the following can be done:

    • Identify it by model code, as some only have one or the other due to its release date.

    Example: The F7 device only has FP = v9 algorithm and F9 device only has FP = v10 algorithm.

    • Check the menu setting to establish whether the device is set to either FP = v9 or v10 algorithm.

    Example: The IN01 has the option to set it to FP = v9 or v10 algorithm.


    It is possible to have certain devices such as the F9 use FP = v9 or v10 algorithm, however a firmware update might be required in order to enable this.

    Fingerprint templates downloaded on a version 9 fingerprint algorithm will not upload to a clock which is set to use version 10 fingerprint algorithm. In order for the version 9 template to work, you would need to set the device to use the version 9 algorithm.


    There are no particular configuration settings required for clocks that support RFID & Passwords.


    System Configuration

    The first step is to select the feature to enable ZK Software to be configured for use with CS Time.

    1. In the Configuration module select Features from the toolbar Setup dropdown menu and the Turn Features On and Off  window will be displayed.
    2. Select the Hardware settings option.



    1. Select the ZK Software hardware option and ensure that the tick box is selected.
    2. Select Ok to save the settings and then close the window.

    Adding a ZK Device

    Now we need to add the ZK device to the system.

    1. From the Configuration module, select the Clocks option from the toolbar Setup / Clocks dropdown menu and the Device Setup window will be displayed.
    2. Click the Add button and then Clock. The Update Clock window will be displayed.


    Please Note: It is very important to select the correct clock model as the various types communicate differently.

    1. Select the General settings option.
    2. Define the Clock Code and Description that will be used to identify this device.
    3. In the Clock Make and Model section, select the model type according to the type of device installed. 
    4. Select the Details settings option.


    1.  Select the Payroll clockings tick box to specify this clock as a payroll device.
    2. Select the Access clockings tick box to specify this clock as a access device.
    3. Select the Fingerprint Reader Type according to the algorithm version that the device is set to.
    4. Now select the Connection option.
    1. Enter the IP of Clock to that which was used when setting up the ZK device and set the IP Port number to 4370.




    1. Select the Advanced setting option.


    1. If required use the Employee Group select button to select a specific group of employees who will have access to this device. By default all registered CS Time enrolled employees will have access.
    2. Select Ok to save the settings and to add the device to the system.

    Setting the Menu access levels

    In CS Time it is possible to set the access level for each employee. Depending on which level is selected, the employee will have a certain right of access to the ZK device Menu.

    This can either be set to a Normal User or Administrator. Normal User is used for the employees and does not allow any access to the menu of the device, whereas Administrator is used for the person in charge of enrolling the employees on the device. An Administrator has full access to the menu of the device.



    Using employee passwords

    On the same page one can specify the password used by a particular employee. This password can be punched into the clock keypad in order to clock. In some cases this is refered to as a PIN code however ZK makes use of the term password.

    Importing Clockings from USB

    CS Time has the ability to import clockings from a ZK device where the clockings have been downloaded to a USB drive.


    1. This can be done by clicking on the on the File Menu, selecting Import and then Clockings. The Import Clockings window will then be displayed.


    ZK Import Clockings-1.png


    2. In the above window, select the ZK clockings file from the USB drive. This is usually named 1_Attlog.dat as seen above.

    3. Now select whether you are importing a 5 code(older generation clocks) or 9 code (newer generation clocks) file layout.

    4. Click the Start button to import the clockings.




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