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5.4 Payroll Hours

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    To view an employee’s payroll hours , proceed as follows:

    1. From the Browse Employee window, highlight the required employee and then select the Payroll Hours option. The Browse Employee Payroll Hours window will be displayed.



    1. Use the From Date Lookup (Lookup.png) button to enable the viewing of the selected employee’s payroll hours from a defined date.
    2. If payroll hours are to be edited, use the Add or Remove buttons as required. The following shows the update payroll hours window.



    1. Select the date that you would like to make the adjustment for and select whether you want to Override, Subtract or Add to the existing record. 

    Please note:  It is very important that you select you payroll period ending date as records on a different date may not be exported to your payroll or will display on your reports.

    • Override:  TNA will pay the employee the hours you have entered in this record and will ignore the processed payroll hours for the selected date.
    • Subtract:  The hours entered into this manual record will be subtracted from the processed hours for the selected date.
    • Add:  The hours entered into this manual record will be added to the processed hours for the selected date.
    • Rate:  If you have more than one time rate configured in your shifts, then select the applicable rate from here.  Normally it would match the rate of the processed record.
    • Leave Type:  If these are leave hours, select the applicable leave type to allocate the hours to.
    • Shifts:   You can enter the number of shifts the employee worked.
    • Pay / Job hours:  If you are using job costing and you want the manual record to effect job costing, tick the Job hours box.

    Take care to enter the values as hours and minutes where you see a colon (:), e.g. 8:30 and as decimal hours where you see a full-stop (.) e.g. 8.50.
    Tip: Do not add more than one manual record for a date.  If you made a mistake , you can change the manual record to correct the mistake.

    1. Click on the Ok button when your want to save the amendment.
    2. Once updated, again click on the Ok button to save the changes.



    1. Manual added records will display a hand icon ManualRecordIcon.jpg on the left of the record.  An override record will display and additional purple OverrideIcon.jpg circle on the left.


    If you have multiple records for the same day, they will be amalgamated for processing and reports, however on this screen you will still be able to see them separately.

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