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Printing Reports


    There are numerous standard reports available in CS Time. These reports can also be customized to your needs or new ones created. If there is a certain report that you would like, please contact your CS Time consultant.



    Reports most commonly used:

    · Clockings: TNA Clockings by Employee / Classification

    · Employee: Name List Report by Employee / Classification

    · Hours: Daily Hours Timesheet by Employee / Classification

    · Hours: Hours and Clockings Summary by Employee / Classification

    · Warnings: Absenteeism by Employee / Classification

    · Warnings: Current Absenteeism by Employee / Classification

    · Warnings: All Warnings By Employee / Classification


    Printing a report:

    1. Select the Print Report option from the File drop-down menu or the​ toolbar button form the task bar at the top of the main window of the CS Time User Module.


    1. A list of Available Reports will be displayed and the desired report can now be selected.




       The options available include:

    1. View Archived Reports. This check box is used to view all the system reports that have been archived and are not available for printing.
    2. Report Type buttons. These buttons are used to select the particular reports that are associated to the particular module and include:
      • TNA Reports. These are all Time and Attendance related reports.
      • HR Reports. These are all Human Resources related reports.
      • Access Reports. These are Access related reports.
      • Job Reports. These are Job Costing related reports.
    3. Change button. This button is used to change the parameters of a selected Report.
    4. Print button. This button is used to print a selected and highlighted report.
    5. Close button. Used to close the window.


    1. Select the report you wish to print and click on the Print button for the Report Options window to be displayed . Enter all fields required, such as the ‘Selected Employees’, ‘From Date’ and ‘To Date’. Select whether to print directly to the printer, window, etc.




    1. Click on the Start button to print the report.


    Edit Available Reports List

    To add a Report to the Available Reports List, proceed as follows:

    1. Select the Print Report option from the File drop-down menu or the toolbar button form the task bar at the top of the main window of the CS Time User Module.


    2.     Click on the View Archive Reports tick box and a list of all the available reports will be displayed.

    3.     Select the report to be added to the Available Reports List and then click on the Change button. The Update Default Report             Parameters window will then be displayed.



    4.     Select the General setting and set the Archive tick box to be unselected (no tick mark to be displayed) and then          select Ok to add the Report to the Available Reports List. 


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