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Report Toolbar

    The Reports Toolbar option enables reports that are often used to be placed in a toolbar that can be positioned as desired on a Module’s window. By selecting a report button the selected report can be printed.


    Add a Report to the Toolbar

    To add a report to the toolbar, proceed as follows:

    1. In the User Module select the Add Report to Toolbar option from the Tasks dropdown menu. The Select a report window will be displayed.


    1. Select and highlight the report to be added to the toolbar and click on the Select button. The selected report will be added to the toolbar.


    The Reports Toolbar can be positioned anywhere on the screen by moving the mouse pointer onto the toolbar header, pressing down and holding the left side mouse button and then dragging the toolbar to the desired location.

    Print a Report using the Report Toolbar

    To print a report from the report Toolbar, proceed as follows:

    1. Click on the Report Toolbar Button.
    2. The Available Reports window will open. Select report relevant report you need and click on the Print button.


    1. When the Reports Option window is displayed, set the options as required and then click on the Start button to print the report.




    Note: The report can also be printed by right-clicking on the Report button and selecting the Run option from the dropdown menu.

    Remove a Report from the Toolbar

    To remove a report from the Reports Toolbar, proceed as follows:

    1. Right-click on the Report Toolbar Button and select the Delete option from the dropdown menu.





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