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    The following variables are created and maintained for you by the report engine. Use them in angle brackets, as you would for other report variables. They can be used in Details, in Calculations, and in some of the functions.  In addition to the variables below, all the file structure variables are also available.  Arrayed variables - such as the dai:hours variable are used without square brackets i.e. <Dai:Hours1> and <Dai:Hours2> NOT <dai:hours[1]>.





    Contains the current time.


    Contains the current company name, as it is set on the Product registration screen.  Use this in a report detail, or the report Header, to identify the company that the report belongs to.


    Contains the ASCII form feed character. Use this if you want to generate a new page at any stage in your report. 


    Contains the current page number. Typically used on the Footer part of the report.


    Contains the current date.


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