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Writing Text Reports - Revision 5

    Report Specification Revision 5

    Lets now print an employee list report, where you are able to select a required employee Classification that you want the employees to be grouped into.
    As seen in TNA’s Employee Masterfile, employees are assigned to different classifications. The employee record will hold the applicable classification codes and a lookup in the classification record will then display the classifications name.
    As this is similar to the procedure explained in Revision 4, the introductory steps will be excluded and only the main setup steps will be detailed. The ability to select by Classification is very helpful in the sense that it allows users to consolidate all their specific reports (i.e. clocking by department, clockings by cost center etc) into one report called clocking by classification, thus eliminating a lot of redundant reports.
    Add a new report named "Employee List Report by Classification".
    Define the report properties as shown in the screen capture below. Note that we have selected Classifications as the Primary File and the Order By is by User Selects.
    Click on Ok to save the report and change it again to continue.
    In this report we are not going to define Header details but go straight to the Footer settings option and insert that the page numbers be printed at the bottom of each page.
    Now we get to the main portion of the report by adding a new print detail: Classification Header.
    Define the particular information that is to be printed (Detail).
    In the first line we have placed a form feed so that each detail will be printed on a new page. We have then defined the information that is to be printed and the layout.
    <ClassClip>  -  select Classification
    <clock>  -  time report is generated
    <today>  -  current date
    <cls:description>  -  the particular classification that has been searched for employees.
    Use the arrow keys and move the detail just defined (Print Classification Header) so that it falls below the Primary File Classification as shown above.
    Now add a Secondary file so that we can now instruct the system to look for employees who fall within the selected classification.
    The Parent Source must be Classification and select Employee as the Source Name (to enable a search for the employees within the primary file – classification).
    Use the arrow keys and again move the secondary option (Loop through Employee) so that it is below and in line with the Print Headings detail as shown above.
    Add a new Detail and name it  Emp Details.  Define how and what particular employee information that is to be printed as shown below.
    <emp:Number>  -  the particular company employee number
    <name>  -  the name of the employee
    <emp:cardNumber> -  the employee’s card number
    Again use the arrow keys and now move the Print Employee Details to be under the secondary Loop through Employee detail as shown above.
    Remember to add the "Name" and "Group" local fields.
    Now save this report.
    Now let’s test the report, we should be able to generate a report where we can now select a particular classification as to how the employees are to be “grouped” and also to print the employees who fall within each.  At the Browse Report Layout window select the newly created report (Employee List Report by Classification) and then click the Print button.
    As the report is preparing, a green progress bar may be displayed as the system searches the Classifications and then when the Report Options window is displayed we see that we now have the option where we can select the Classification that we wish to use to list employees as well as the Primary Sort (sort order of the classification e.g. by number or description).
    Now when we print the report we get a report where each Department classification starts on a new page and also a list of the employees who are within that department (classification).


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