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    Although CS Time boasts an auto update facility, this is not to be confused with upgrading from one version to the next. Upgrading from older versions require manual intervention. The auto update ensures once already on CS Time, the software remains current with the latest release available on the CS Time website.




    To ensure a successful upgrade one needs to follow the following steps carefully:

    Step 1: TNA 5 data checks

    Before you start you need to make sure that your database is in a good condition.

    1. Make a backup of your TNA 5 data in an easy to find folder using the TNA 5 Backup Module.
    2. Close and keep closed the TNA 5 Server Module and any other open TNA modules on your computer and on the network.
    3. Open the TNA 5 Configuration module, click on the File drop down menu and select File Manager.
    4. Click on Tag All and click on the Freshen button. This may take some time to complete as all your data records are written to new database files.
    5. When you see error messages, click on Retry.
    6. When the Freshen is done, click on Verify Guids.
    7. When you see error messages, click on Ok.
    8. When the process is complete close the File Manager and the Configuration module.

    Step 2: Backup your TNA 5 data

    Make a new backup of your TNA 5 data in an easy to find folder using the TNA 5 Backup Module.

    Step 3: Uninstall TNA 5

    To prevent any problems with employees working in the wrong version or clockings collected to the wrong database, please uninstall TNA 5 using the option in Windows Control Panel to remove software packages.

    Step 4: Install the latest version of CS Time

    1. Run the installation file of the latest version. CS Time should now install into the same directory as TNA5. During the installation process the CS Time Automatic File Manager will open and will run through all the data files to upgrade it.  DO NOT INTERRUPT THIS PROCESS or you will have to restore the data and restart this step.




    1. Make sure all the CS Time application users have full read and write permissions to the CS Time folders.
    2. To help prevent data corruption, please do the following after installation:
      1. Exclude the CS Time application and data files from real-time scanning by your anti-virus software.
      2. Exclude the CS Time data folder from any automatic backups or make sure quiet time is set in CS Time.


    Step 5: Activate CS Time

    The following message will be displayed when you first log into the User of Configuration Module. Please contact your CS Time Dealer for a new activation code.




    When you have your licensing information ready, follow the instructions found in the document on registering your software.

    Step 6: Network copies

    If you have TNA installed on multiple workstations across the network you will need to uninstall TNA 5 and install CS Time on these computers as well.  As mentioned in Step 4, the users who require access to CS Time will need to have full read and write access to the CS Time files.

    When installing CS Time on the workstations, please ensure that you choose the advanced installation type and that the program files and data path are set to the Server.

    Now you are ready to start using CS Time.  It may be necessary to change your shift configuration to make use of some of the new features - please contact your CS Time dealer for assistance.


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