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Bulk Clocking



    Bulk Clockings

    Bulk clockings are done when you want to add a specific clocking to a group of employees. This could be useful in one of the following potential situations:

    • A clock hardware failure resulting in lost clockings.
    • The employees are leaving at a certain time, but their clockings, for convenience, need to be at another time.
    • A group of employees worked at a site when there was no electronic clocking hardware.

    Bulk clockings can also be used to remove clockings from a group of employees


    Bulk Capture Clockings

    This option is used to capture multiple clockings for one employee and prevents you from having to add single clockings. To capture multiple clockings, select the Capture Clockings option from the Bulk / Clockings dropdown menu and the Bulk Capture Clockings window will be displayed.




    Select the Employee for whom the clockings are to be assigned. Select the DateTime and Direction of the clocking to be added and then select the Save_button.png button. The clocking will now be added to the system and also displayed in the list. Repeat the steps for each day that clockings are to be added.


    Please Note: If an incorrect clocking is made it can then be corrected at the View Employee’s Clockings window.


    Adding Bulk Clockings

    To add clockings to a group of employees, select the Add Clockings option from the Bulk / Clockings dropdown menu. The Bulk Add Employee Clockings window will be displayed.




    Click on the Select_emp_button.png button to select the group of employees for whom the clockings are to be added. Select the Date, enter in the Time for the clocking and the Direction to be used. Select if the clocking is a Pay Clocking (TNA) and/or if it a Job Clocking by using the respective tick boxes. If the clocking is selected as a Job Clocking, the Job Costing option will become active. Select the required Employee’s current status for the clocking to be added. The clocking will only be added to a particular employee in the group if there current clocking status conforms to this selection. Use the Comment text box to add any comment with regards to the particular clocking or use the select button and select a predefined reason.


    If the Clocking is also a Job Costing clocking, use the At Clock select button to select the particular clock to which the clocking is to be assigned. The Employee Job Classification select buttons are used to select the particular employee job classifications and the Job select button is used to select the particular job to which the clockings are to be assigned.


    Please Note: Bulk Clockings show up on the View Employee Clockings list with a small box next to them.


    Remove Bulk Clockings

    Select the Remove Bulk Clockings option from the Bulk / Clockings dropdown menu. The Remove Bulk Clockings window will be displayed.




    Use the Select_emp_button.png or Select_one_emp.png button to select the employee(s) from whom the clocking are to be removed. Set the From and To Dates and Times to set the period for when the clocking are to be removed.  The At Clock select button selects a particular clock from where the clockings are to be removed. 


    The check boxes can also be used to select the particular type of clocking to be deleted:

    • Bulk – for clockings that were added using the Bulk Add Clockings function,
    • Collected – clockings that were automatically collected from the clocks by the system,
    • Manual – clockings that have been manually entered,
    • Web – clockings that have been entered through the web interface,
    • Payroll – clockings that affects the employee payroll hours,
    • Access – access clockings,
    • Job – job clockings.

    Click on the Remove_button.png button to remove the clockings.


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