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Enabling Daily Shift Rostering

    Table of contents
    1. 1. Requirements
    2. 2. Setup
      1. 2.1. Additional Options



    Rostering is a free, optional feature available on all software levels.

    It must firstly be a selected feature in your TNA Software Activation Code.  To check whether this is the case, select the About option from the Help drop-down menu in the TNA User Module.




    Contact your supplier for a new code if rostering is not enabled.


    The next step is to enable it in your program features in the Configuration Module.

    Click on FeaturesIcon.jpg to open the program features and select the Rostering Option.




    Click on Enable Daily Shift Rostering.

    Additional Options

    If none of the additional options are selected as in the screenshot above, you will be able to select any daily shift that is included in the employee's current payroll shift.

    • Only See "Same Day" as Possibles - when selected, you will only be able to see and select a daily shift in the employee shift pattern which falls on the day you are adding a roster for e.g.  if you add a rostering entry on a Monday you can only see the daily shifts that falls on a Monday in the current employee shift pattern.  If not selected you will be able to, for example, roster an employee on a Saturday daily shift on a Tuesday.
      Adding daily shifts from the employee Shift Pattern will override this option.
    • Include All Daily Shifts as Possibles - this will include all the daily shifts from all the payroll shifts in TNA in your daily shift selection menu.  It will override the "Same Day" option above.
    • Daily Availability - select this option if you wish to indicate employee availability during the week in your roster calendars.

      Once enabled, employee availability is set in the employee masterfile options in the User Module:
      • Select and change an employee from the Browse Employees window.
      • Select the Employment Option.
      • Select the days the employees are available in the Available section.



    The days the employee are not available on will be displayed:

    • with a black background in the employee's Daily Rostering Calendar

    • with a "No Access" icon on the Daily Rostering Planner



    • Double Shifts -  still under development
    • Split Shifts - selecting this option will allow you to enter a second Start and End time when entering Custom times.




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