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Follow-My-Leader Job Clockings

    The Follow-My-Leader feature is used for job costing only i.e. you can use it to track the time spent on different jobs or in different departments (or any other classification available in TNA).  The concept is that your workforce consists of teams, each with a leader. When the leader clocks onto a new job or into a new department, TNA will duplicate the job clocking for other members in his/her team. 




    1. The Job Costing module.
    2. A clock with job costing functionality e.g. CS TimeClock, Actatek and CapeClock.
    3. Pre-configured classifications and/or jobs.
    4. Classifications have been assigned to all the employees in the teams.


    Enabling the Feature

    The feature must be enabled in the Configuration module:

    1. Open the System Features buy clicking on the icon.
    2. Select the Job Features option and click the block next to Follow-My-Leader Job Clockings.

    3. Click on Ok.
    4. Select the Costing Classifications option.
    5. Select the classification which will be used to define your teams e.g. Department.

    6. Click on Ok.

    Selecting the Team Leader

    The next step is to select your team leaders.  This is done in the User module.

    1. Open the Browse Employee window by clicking on the icon.
    2. Select the name of the team leader and click on the Change button or double-click on the employee name.
    3. Select the Classification option.  You will now see a Leader column on the left of the classification names.
    4. Tick the box next to the classification description of which the employee is considered to be a leader. For example: the employee in used in the screenshot below, Ryan Henry, has been selected as the leader of department Technical.

    5. Click on Ok.

    Now when a new job clockings is collected from the clock for Ryan it will be duplicated for everyone in his department as can be seen below:


    Ryan has clocked onto a job with the description "Development" on 24/10/2011 at 12:23:06 and this clockings has been duplicated for employees 20, 40 and 41.

    Changing Team Members

    Employees may be re-assigned to different team in which case they must receive job clockings from the new team's leader.

    Changing an employee's team is unfortunately not as simple as just changing their classification when you are using job costing - you need a job clocking which clocks the employee into the new team.

    As an example, employee 20, Nathan Fenner,  is transferred from Technical to Support. To move him to his new department do as follows:

    1. Open the Browse Employees window by clicking on the icon.
    2. Select the employee name and click on the Clockings option to open the Browse Employee Clockings window.
    3. Click on Add.

    4. Enter the date and time when the employee moved to the new team.
    5. Select Job Clocking and de-select the other clocking type options.
    6. Chane the applicable classification code. In this case we've changed the Department to Support.
    7. Click on Ok.

    A job clocking has now been added which will change the employee's department to Support as can be seen below:



    Some clocking devices will allow classifications changes (speak to your supplier for more information).


    1. Only collected  job clockings will be duplicated i.e. the clocking come from a clocking device and TNA, access, manual and bulk clockings will not be duplicated.
    2. The team leader's job clockings will be duplicated for all the employees in the team whether the employee is absent or not.
      1. If an employee does not have a TNA clocking during the day, no hours will be processed for the employee.
      2. If the employee clocks in after the job clocking was made, the job hours are only calculated from the time of the TNA clocking until the next job clocking or until the next TNA OUT clocking.


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