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SMS feature

    The SMS feature is available in Eco Time version and later.  This feature allows you to SMS your employees from the User Module.


    • Internet connection
    • Activation code from your supplier




    Enabling and configuring

    The feature is enabled in the System features in the Configuration Module (Setup, Features). Check the "Enable SMS Sending and Receiving" box under the SMS tab and click on Ok.



    Next, open the Server Options window (Setup, Server Options) and open the Internet, SMS tab.



    SMS Server: This is the address of the SMS web service. 

    Default Country Code: The international dialing code for your country.

    SMS Contact Email:  The email address of the contact person at your company who deals with the payment of the service.

    SMS Contact Phone:  The contact number of person at your company who deals with the payment of the service.

    Client Authorization:  The authorization code which enables your SMS service.

    To activate the service, enter the relevant information (country code, contact email and phone number) and click on the Get Authorization button.  A code will appear in the Client authorization field - share this code with your Eco Time sales or support person in order to activate the SMS service.

    Click on Ok to Save.

    Once you receive confirmation that your service has been activated, you can test the service using the Test button. See the Next section on sending an SMS.

    Sending an SMS

    You can send an SMS from the Browse Employees window. 

    Click on the SMS button to open the SMS window.


    If the employee's mobile number is saved in their Personal information, the number will be displayed in the Phone field. You can enter a different mobile phone number and dialling code. Enter your message and click on the Send SMS button to send it.

    If you are experiencing problems with the service, please check the Show Procedure box and send that information to your support person.



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