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Clockings Option

    This page is based on the web interface as in TNA 6.03.

    This option allows you view and edit clock ins and clock outs for the employees you manage.  It is by default only visible to supervisors and web adminstrators.



    Information DisplayedEdit section

    To view employee clockings for a period, select the Clockings Option in the Browse menu.



    A maximum of 15 records are shown on a page.

    Use the First, Previous, Next and Last buttons to scroll between the pages.


    The following icons are used in the first four columns from the left:

    The record has been locked and cannot be edited.
    An approved record which will be used during processing.
    A pending record that requires approval from the supervisor.
    The record has been removed.
    There is a warning linked to this record.
    There is an error linked to this record.
    The employee clocked using the web interface.
    The record has been edited or added manually.
    An access clocking.
    An info clocking.
    A job clocking.
    A TNA clocking.

    Filtering optionsEdit section

    You can filter the information you are viewing with the following options:

    1. Employee Group:  Change the employee group displayed i.e. you can select to view employees in a specific department.  Click on the lookup button W_Lookup.jpg to view the employee group selections available to you. The Select Employee Group page will open:


      Click on the group you wish to view and then click on the Select button.
    2. You can change the period you are viewing by entering or selecting new dates in the From Date and To Date fields.
    3. You can select to view only certain types of clockings by selecting / de-selecting the clocking types.


    You can sort the information displayed in ascending or decending order by clicking on the header of the column you wish to sort by.




    In the partial screenshot above, the clockings have been sorted by Status.


    When there is more than 15 records in the selected period you can use the Locate (Position) field to search for specific information.  Example: if you are looking for the clockings of a specific employee, first change the sort order to Emp Number, type the employee number in the Locate field and click next to the field to initiate the search.  The informatioin shown will refresh to the first record for the employee in the selected period.






    The Warnings button will open a list of all the warnings for the selected employee for the selected period. A supervisor can excuse an employee's warnings from the Browse Employee Warnings window.


    The Errors button will open a list of all the errors for the selected employee for the selected period. The errors can be fixed or reprocessed from the Browse Employee Errors window.

    Managing Clockings

    Adding a clocking

    Supervisors can add approved clockings for their employees and pending clockings for themselves. 

    Click on the Insert button to add a new clocking.  The Update Clockings window will be displayed.




    The General Tab

    The General tab has the following options:

    • Approved:  New records will default to pending.
      • Approved: Only available to supervisors when adding a clocking for an employee that they supervise.  An approved clocking will be seen as an "active" clocking and is used during processing.
      • Pending:  Pending records requires supervisor approval and is ignored during processing.
      • Deleted:  The record will be ignored during processing.
    • Emp Number:  The employee number will default to the employee highlighted in the list view.  Used the button to select a different employee.
    • Date:   The date of the clocking.  Type in a different date or select the date using the calendar.
    • Time:  The time of the clocking in hh:mm format.
    • Clocking Type: Select the type of clocking.
      • Pay Clocking: Used to calculate TNA hours.  Select between an In or an Out clocking direction.

      • Info Clocking: An information clocking.  It has no effect on processing and no additional options.
      • Access Clocking: Updates an employee's access information at the selected time and date.  Select the Area the employee clocked into using the button.

        This option is only visible if the Access Control feature has been installed in CS Time.
      • Job Clocking:  Makes the job clockings options available in the Job Costing tab. This option is only visible if the Job Costing feature has been installed in CS Time.
    • Reference:  Enter a reference number if required.
    • Comment:  Enter a comment if required.

    Click on Save after entering all the relevant information.

    Clockings can only be added for dates after the employee or system lock date.

    The Job Costing Tab

    The Job Costing tab is only visible if this feature has been installed and it allows you to enter job costing information for job clockings.



    Select the job and/or classification the employee is clocking on to.

    Editing or Removing a Clocking

    Editing a Clocking

    To edit an existing clocking click on the clocking record and then click on the Change button at the bottom of the list.  The Update Clockings window will open and if the record is later than the employee or system lock date you can change any of the existing clocking details except the employee number.




    Supervisors can approve any pending clocking records created or changed by their employees.  To approve a pending clocking record, select the Approved radion button.



    Removing a Clocking

    To remove a clocking record, edit the clocking as described in the above section and select the Deleted radio button.



    Click on Save to save your changes.

    Please note:  if the Save button is not visible in the Update Clockings windows then the clockings record has been locked and cannot be edited.



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