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The Payroll Shifts Option

    Use this option to change your employee's payroll shift. 



    Information Displayed

    The Browse Employee Payroll Shift History displays the selected employee's payroll shift history for a selected period.




    Managing Employee Payroll Shifts

    Moving the employee onto a new shift

    If an employee changes their payroll shift from, for example, a morning shift to an afternoon shift you can add the new shift to the payroll shift history.

    To add a new payroll shift history entry, click on the Insert button.  The Update Employee Payroll Shift window will open.




    Enter or select the date on which the employee will start working on this shift in the From Date field.  To select the new shift, click on the button to open the list of available payroll shifts.




    Click on the shift name and then click on the Select button.

    Click on the Save button in the Update Employee Payroll Shift window to add the new payroll shift history entry.

    Copying a payroll shift

    You can copy an existing entry to a different date. When you click on the Copy button the Update Employee Payroll Shift window will open with the From Date as today's date. The New Shift will have the shift code in that you selected to copy.

    Change the date if necessary and click on Save to add the new entry.

    Changing a payroll shift entry

    To change an existing entry, select it and click on the Change button. The Update Employee Payroll Shift window will open and you can now change the date or shift code of that entry.

    Removing a payroll shift entry

    Select the entry you wish to remove and click on the Delete button to remove the entry. The employee will now be seen to be on the payroll shift prior to the entry you have removed.



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