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The Today Option

    Selecting this option enables you to clock In or Out via the web interface and also view your clockings, daily and payroll hours and also those of the employees who you supervise for one day only.



    Information Displayed

    After logging in the data shown will be for the current day.




    View For.  Use the lookup button to view information for a different date.

    Last Clocking was.  Shows the direction, date and time of the employee's last clocking.

    Quick Actions.  The logged on employee can clock in or out via the Web interface.

    Clockings. View the employee’s clockings for the selected date.

    Daily Hours.  The employee’s daily hours for the selected date.

    Warnings. View the employee’s warnings for the selected date.

    Changing Today Information

    Clocking In and Out

    The employee can clock In/Out using the Clock In Now / Clock Out Now button.




    This will be added to the system as a Pay Clocking and will also reflect that it was generated using the Web server option.

    If the employee actually started or stopped at a different time, he/she can enter the time in the Oops, I forgot to clock field.  The Clock In/Out button will change to show the entered time when you click outside of the Oops field. Click on the Clock In/Out at to save the clocking. 




    The clocking will be saved as a pending Pay clocking and therefore requires approval from the employee's supervisor.

    As an example:  the first clocking below was added using the Oops field and the second using the Clock In/Out Now button.




    Changing Clockings

    To change an existing clocking, select the required clocking record (as per the 7:30 In clocking shown above) and then select the Change button. The Update Clockings window will be open.




    Make the necessary changes as required and then select the Save button to save the changes.

    This same window will be opened if a clocking is to be inserted by using the Insert button.

    Only supervisors can add approved clockings for the employees that they supervise. 

    Changing Daily Hours

    Only Hours that have been manually added can be selected and changed. Therefore if you wish to change system calculated hours you need to insert hours and then define them as having to be added to, to be subtracted from or to override the existing hours.

    When selecting to Insert or Change Hours, the following window will open.




    Make the necessary changes that are to be made and then select the Save button. 

    Only supervisors can add approved hours for the employees that they supervise.

    Edit Warnings

    Only supervisors can excuse warnings for the employees that they supervise.

    To change a Warning, select the Warning to be changed and then click on the Change button.




    The only change that can be made to a warning is that the reason for the warning being generated has an acceptable Excuse. If the excuse is accepted then select the Excused tick box and if required type in a comment and then click on the Save button.

    The Warnings will now reflect the warning as been Excused.


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