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Impro & CS Time

    Before you start installing CS Time, please ensure you have the following in place:

    • The path to the Impro database.
    • Username & password for the Impro database.
    • Full read & write access to the folder hosting the Impro database.
    • ODBC drivers & Firebird client library copied & installed.
    • Port 3050 used by Firebird & Impro software is not blocked by the firewall.

    This is a good time to test your connection to the Impro database using the administrative tool under Control Panel!




    Configuring ODBC connection

    Please see the attached document (Client - Host Firebird Connection Setup - IXP220.pdf) for instructions.

    Configuring CS Time

    1. Enable IMPRO under Bells & Whistles.
    2. Set up a connection to the Impro database.
    3. Set the “Last collect date & time” back to the date from which the client would like to import the transactions.
    4. Enable all import sync options under device setup.
    5. Open the CS Time Server.

    If you would like to import certain transactions / clockings as Payroll only, configure the following after step 2!

    • Set the “Last collect date & time” to today
    • Open the CS Time server (This will import the system controllers & terminals only)
    • Set the respective terminals to the required setting, Payroll or Access
    • Close the CS Time server & set the “Last collect date & time” back to the intended date.
    • Open the CS Time Server (All transaction / clockings made on terminals set as Payroll will be flagged as payroll transactions / clockings in CS Time)

    CS Time will import the following information from the Impro Database:

    • System Controllers & Terminals
    • Employee Number, Name & Surname
    • Cards
    • Companies & Departments
    • Transactions / Clockings

    The following aspects may affect the duration for CS Time to import all information:

    • Whether CS Time has to access the Impro database hosted on a different PC over the network.
    • The amount of transactions stored in the Impro database as history.
    • The processing power & disk write speeds of the PC hosting CS Time.

    Once all information has been imported:

    1. Confirm that all Terminals, Cards, Employees, Companies, Departments & Transactions match that of the Impro software.
    2. Do a FIX on all BAD & DUPLICATE clockings.
    3. Do a verify data.
    4. Hide the “Access Rights, Time Zone & Current Area” fields in Browse Employees & Browse clockings screens.
    5. Schedule a process for the required payroll period.

    Note, after a process there may be many errors, which need to be fixed by the wage operator.
    Complete the rest of the configuration as per the shift requirements & project scope!



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